Accounting Services

We provide in-depth, transparent and accurate accounting services, taking the time to explain what each report means for your restaurant so you can head your business with confidence and ease.

Digitized Invoices

We capture every line item of an invoice, precisely coding your expenses. Watch price fluctuations, item by item, last month, last week, last year.


We make sure no invoice is paid twice and no other mistakes are made. We never set up vendors without our clients approval, giving you upmost peace of mind.

Statement Reconciliation

By reconciling each statement with your vendors, we make sure no invoices are misplaced and you and your vendors are on the same page.


We act like your inhouse A/P department working directly with your people. We are always happy to help out a vendor or store manager when they have a question.

Third Party Reconciliation

Our accountants take the time to reconcile your accounts with door dash, grub hub and every other third party you work with making certain you collect what you’re supposed it.

Cash & Credit Card Reconciliation

To give your confidence in your records we match your Point of Sales system to your Bank statements, for both cash and credit tenders.

Cash Control Procedures

We work with your management and staff, taking an active role, to build and implement proper cash control, handling and processing.


Keep track of what is owed to you invoicing customers as needed, our systems help you track and monitor and collect all outstanding receivables.

GAAP Financials

Our processes prepare your books according to the General accepted accounting principles (GAAP) by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), i9cluding prepaid expenses and accrued expenses.

Drill-down capability

Track and understand all the details that make up each and every number on your financial statement, all the way down to the sourced journal entry.

Multi-entity capable

For businesses with more than one entity we present your financials both separately and consolidated, allowing you watch your entire business or one specific piece.

Bill Pay & Expense App Integration

Our systems are fully integrated with a large variety of bill payment and employee expense management applications.

Business Licenses & Compliance Filings

We take time off your hands managing, preparing and filing your companies business license and compliance filings.

Sale, Use and Property Tax

We take care of your sales, use and property tax, handling sales tax audits.


We make sure your 1099’s and done right, getting them submitted quicky to the IRS

Income Tax

We work with your tax preparer or one of our partnering firms to file your income taxes.

Useful & Timely

Instead of simply presenting your numbers we take the time to explain what they mean for you and your restaurant, giving you clarity and confidence in knowing how your restaurant is doing.  

10+ Million

Invoices Processed


Entities & Locations Supported

$10+ Billion

Cash Handled

  • Approval of New Vendors
  • New Vendor Setup
  • Record Physical Inventories in General Ledger
  • Prepare Period Financial Statements
  • Maintain Recurring Payments
  • A/P Data Entry Processing
  • Credit Memo Processing
  • Provide Cash Requirements
  • Report and A/P Aging on a Weekly basis
  • Sales and Use Tax Preparation and Reporting
  • House Accounting Tracking / Reconciliation

  • Cut and Deliver Checks and Check Register
  • Mail Vendor Checks
  • Monthly Major Vendor Reconciliation
  • Annual 1099 reporting
  • Vendor Inquiries
  • Manual Checks
  • Develop a Closing Schedule
  • Recurring Entries
  • Allocation Entries
  • Daily Sales & Cash Receipts Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation

Driving Efficiency

Saving you on Administrative Costs

​Using your data, we also look for opportunities to reduce our clients administrative expenses and provide our annual Cost Savings Audit.

We review several areas of your cost structure and using our experience and network provide your with cost saving options:

Get your Business the support it deserves

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